COC 2022 – LONG

Date: Saturday July 9th

Start time: 9:30am

Start intervals: 2mins, elite courses: 3mins

Maximum time on course: 3h

Course closure: TBA

Map: Eager Hills, new map 2020, Cranbrook area.

Contour interval: 5m
Map symbol set ISOM 2017-2
The map was completed by David Bakker (2020).
Minor Updates were made in the spring of 2022 by Hilary Anderson.

Course setter: Wakana Heilman

Course controller: Marion Owen

Course setter notes:

  • Courses 1 and 3 have a flagged route.
  • Numerous mountain bike trails are getting built and you may come across them.
  • There are remains of old logging roads and many animal trails are unmapped.



Course Details

  • Remote start for all courses. The start is about a 500m walk from the finish/staging area for all courses.  


Mostly runnable forest and open field. 


There is a mountain bike trail network on the map.


The map area is a mix of very runnable ponderosa pine forest, open grassland areas with pockets of technical rock features.  There are hills, but generally the forest is an Orienteers’ dream!   Contours are very reliable.  There are some areas of complex contour detail. 

Water Features

Water features are fairly reliable; however, shallow water features can be dry depending on the spring/summer conditions.

Shared Park Use

Please be respectful of other park users. 


There will be water at the start and finish.  Water Controls TBA-Covid dependant. 

Safety Bearing

East to Highway #93 and #95 


From highway #95 turn Northwest to a big gravel pit, turn Southwest to Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club, then follow signs. There will be people directing you to park in a large open grassy area. The parking area is about 650m to the Start line and 250m from the Finish area.