Date: Sunday July 10th

Start time: 10:00am

Start intervals: 2min

Maximum time on course: 2h

Course closure: TBA

Map: Ramparts, Contour interval: 5m, Map symbol set ISOM 2017-2
The map was made by Bryan Chubb (2018 – 2019).

Course setter: Chris Bullock / Andree Powers

Course controller: Brian May

Course setter notes: TBA




The area is located in the interior Douglas Fir zone which is characterized by forest dominated by Douglas fir trees, grassy understories, dry shallow soils, hot dry summers, and low snow levels in winters.  The forest is primarily made up of small diameter (10cm) fir trees at varying densities that can be quickly navigated through.  Low grass or rocky ground understory.  Clearings are primarily grass with negligible shrubs.


There is a trail network on the map.


Mix of complex forested rocky outcrops with numerous rock faces and boulders, undulating forested areas, low lying thickly vegetated marshy areas and open flat grasslands.  There are developed cycle trails, animal trails, ATV tracks and trails.  The area is bounded by the highway to the east and fenced rail trail to the west.

Water Features

Water features are reliable although will likely have reduced moisture following a couple of years of lower-than-normal precipitation since mapping was completed.

Shared Use

Please be respectful of other users.  The area is frequented by motorized vehicle users.


There will be water at the start and finish.

Safety Bearing

East to the highway.  Map is bounded to the west by a Fenced rail trail.