Date: Friday, July 8

Start time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Start intervals: 1min

Maximum time on course: 1h

Course closure: 1:00pm

Map: Kimberley Nordic South. New 2019. Map is mapped to ISSprOM 2019 standard at 1:4000 by Don Bayly. Minor updates by Hilary Anderson, 2022. Contour intervals – 5m.

Course setter: Eileen Charles

Course controller: Teresa Winn

Course setter notes: This will be a forest sprint in a dense trail network with very fast rough open, semi-open and open forest with minimal climb. A large portion of the map was logged in the late 1800 leaving large (2m high) stumps that are on the map (see ‘special map features’ section below).




Dense network of trails used for cross-country skiing and mountain biking.


Mainly rough open and semi-open with good visibility


This map consists of a beautiful flat larch plateau with kettle areas providing plenty of contour features. The larch plateau is surrounded by larger hills with open forest and many rock features.

Special map features

Green X’s on this map are tall (2m) stumps left by springboard loggers. Smaller stumps are not on the map.

Course Details

1.4 Kilometer flat walk from the Parking lot to the assembly area near the finish. From the assembly area to the start is 300m.

Shared Park Use

Please be respectful of other park users. 

Water and Toilets

There will be water at the start and finish. Toilets will be at the assembly area near the finish (not far from the start).

Safety Bearing

North to the road(s).


Parking will be at the Kimberley Nordic Centre. Please carpool if possible as the parking lot is small.