We will host two events in Blairmore. An evening event on Monday July 4th and a morning event on Tuesday July 5th. We will share more details as permissions get confirmed. These will be 4-5 courses. Start when you like within the start window. Stay tuned for more details.

These will be the first ever orienteering events in this remarkable part of Alberta!

We are calling these two events the “Crowsnest Barebones”. We don’t use the “Barebones” name lightly and without a great deal of thought. Barebones Orienteering was created by Adrian Zissos, who died unexpectedly in 2018. This event is being headed up by Adrian’s spouse Charlotte MacNaughton and Adrian’s good friend John Rance. So for this event we are borrowing the Barebones name from Adrian and naming this event a Barebones event in his honour. Adrian loved and excelled at organizing events, he had big vision and out of the box thinking to grow orienteering in Canada. And he loved helping to get orienteering going in new communities.