WCOC2022 – Model event

Date: Thursday June 30th and Friday July 1st.

Start time: 10am

Course closure: 2pm.

Map: Moose Creek

Course setter: Don Bayly

Course setter notes:

The model map terrain is representative of both the Banded Peak (Sprint) map and the Lusk Creek (Middle and Long) map. The model map can be purchased with your registration. If you plan to visit the model map on Thursday before Race Package Pick-up, you can contact Bogi our registration coordinator, info@orienteeringalberta.ca, and she can verify that you have paid for the map and will send an electronic copy to you to print on your own.

*Note: There will be no officials on the Model Map at any time so you are going AT YOUR OWN RISK. Try to carpool or meet up with others for your own safety.

Location: TBA