Date: July 1

Start time: 4:00 pm – 5:30pm

Start intervals: 1min

Maximum time on course: 75min

Course closure: 6:30pm

Map: Banded Peak School, mapped to ISSprOM 2019 standard at 1:4,000.  Contour interval 2 m.

Course setter: Don Bayly

Course controller: Don Riddle

Course setter notes: very runnable forest with subtle contour features.

Location: Banded Peak School


Site access

It is a 1.8 km walk (or bike ride) on a paved pathway from parking at the Bragg Creek Community Centre to Banded Peak School. The start call-up line is about 60 m from the west side of the schoolyard.


Vegetation is mostly runnable through a forest of mature pine and spruce trees.  Areas marked in shades of green include thickets of small trees or shrubs, and some of the larger fallen trees.


There is a trail network on the map.


The terrain is flat to gently sloping with subtle hills and depressions.  The map is bounded by fences on all four sides. An out of bounds area is marked on the map, but not in the terrain, in the SE corner of the area.  This is to avoid disturbing animals on the adjacent property.

The map does not have a lot of hard-edged manmade features like a typical sprint map.  You can run fast, but navigate carefully to avoid wasting precious minutes relocating.

Water Features

There are a few ponds and marshes but no streams.

Shared Park Use

Please be respectful of other park users. 


There will be water at the start and finish.

Safety Bearing

Northeast to the road.


Parking will be at the Bragg Creek Community Association parking lot. There will be a 1.8km either walk or bike on a path to the Banded Peak School event site.


Time: 6:30pm

Location: Arena